My path by Isaac somto

My path
“There now,  look up and see the sunshine
Down and see the earth
The sunshine never fails to rise
The earth is always staunch
Fear not , be not afraid
The(your) goal lies beyond
   This memorable verse of Dr.Max bond
Always equipped me whenever i recited it,
I will be imbued with renewed energy,
My imagination would be set at its apogee,
Encouraged to my maximum strength,
Fear not,
I fear not,
Not even the Great mountains and obstacles,
Not even the deadly disease of the west... Racism
Not even the eternal sleep... The cessation of life... The collapse and end of my mortal body... DEATH
  because i know my goal,
I have a goal
I want to float on the tide of pleasure
Swim in the bliss of joy
Poverty is more lethal than any disease
Known to man,
An anathema that i will resist to the last drop of my blood
This is my concept of “struggle ” and “hustle”
This is what i battle for
I live to call a spade, spade
And a shovel, shovel
To be courageous, 
To point out the goats and separate them from the sheep
To point out the light amongst the dark
  “happy are those whose greatest desire is to do what God requires
      God will satisfy them fully.”
My mind is already made up on the
Pattern of life i want to live
If i Steal,  cheat,  lie to get to the top
Wii i swim in pleasure forever?
Is death going to spare me?
The day of reckoning will come...
And i will have to suffer for my deeds.
Compare and contrast between good and bad..
I've done so,  i know the path to follow
...The narrow road
..The good path.
               So help me God

Writer : Isaac somto

Isaac Somto
Isaac Somto

Hello! I?m Isaac Somto. A writer/ poet, Blogger, skilled in building sites and making it intuitive to the core, Always optimistic on projects. Strong background in management and leadership.