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Wowfactor360: Wowfactor media Awards Click to see winners

Friday, 17 November 2017

Wowfactor media Awards Click to see winners

Having brought us thus far, we owe an interminable appreciation to The Almighty Lord Most High for everything— We have been, we are, we will be— still and all, Wowfactor media has respected individuals who have reliably affected, influenced and imparted lives specifically and in a roundabout way. We will accomplish such by giving unique honors in acknowledgment of their exceptional administration to mankind. 

We say congratulations to the awardees!! 

Best Partner Of The Year Award :

The business world as it is isn't a cheerful world, a perilous world. Meeting a decent business accomplice isn't simple as it appears, Transacting arrangements and sharing business mysteries isn't as simple as it appears to be, But FRANCIS OBOH nkemakolam has demonstrated that one can at present trust in the business world, Wowfactor media has been executing business transactions with his label  FLAMZECREW since the start of this current year and they haven't been much grumble or no gripes, on this note we grant him and his trademark(Flamzecrew) Best business partner of the year. 

Winner - Francis oboh

Most Innovative Of The Year :
This honor go to the individuals who are Characterized by the production of new thoughts or things, Forward looking; in front of current considering and drawing out a normal outcome, the best outcome. Kamalsbase.com gathering is a result of such creative considering, A discussion well natural, Designed and developed by sir.Williams odiomonafe who is as of now the chief of the discussion.. 

Williams odiomonafe who is as of now taking a shot at an undertaking that will change NIGERIA and the world in general, keep your eyes open for Our most innovative champ of the year.. Sir Williams odiomonafe 

Winner - sir Williams odiomonafe

Most Promising Blogger Of The Year :

To be a blogger isn't a simple undertaking, with all the reviews, advertising and all some surrender in the race of blogging, But some stay and run such race getting practically to the complete line(success), Sir. Henry ijogu president of Bulletin.com.ng has demonstrated for the current year that he can and he will achieve the most astounding statures in his blogging profession, Sir.henry ijogu who additionally is the organizer of Nigeria viral tech discussion githubng.com indicated status for progress this year in the wake of propelling the gathering this year and still handles blogging Perfectly on this note we introduce this honor to him... 

Most encouraging blogger of the year champ - Henry ijogu

Best entrepreneur of the year :

An entrepreneur is a person who organizes and operates a business venture and assumes much of the associated risk or a person who organizes a risky activity of any kind and acts substantially in the manner of a business entrepreneur. With this we have defined and explained the characteristics of the one who will possess this honor as the best entrepreneur of the year, it is no other than Sir. Titus rapuluchukwu  wazobia tv news boss. 

Winner - Titus rapuluchukwu 

Most outstanding of the Year :
To be extraordinary is to be astoundingly good; distinguished from others by its superiority, having done arrangements between a few associations and clients, Wowfactor media most remarkable of the Year is a web advertiser, who knows how to treat and Carry out arrangements well. A man who repays clients and adheres to his words amid bargains. The Winner of the most comprehension goes to Young pell(nickname). 

Victor - youthful pell

Most creative of the year :

To be creative is Tending to make things, or being able to make. 

While creativity is, The quality or capacity to make or develop something. 

Africoders (an online gathering for nerds and software engineers) wasn't worked in a day it was worked by somebody creative, an ace organizer, Ceo of Africoders, sir Anthony ogundipe who serves as the strong innovator of Phpbrowserbox(a program), Sir Anthony generally called dhtml meaning dynamic html is a Master coder who still discovers time to impart thoughts to individuals. Conversing with him for 5 secs will demonstrate to you that we didn't commit an error in granting sir Anthony as the most innovative of the year. 

Winner  = sir. Anthony Ogundipe

Best Teacher Of The Year :
A teacher is somebody who instructs, who impacts others by presenting them to new thoughts and informations, wowfactor media met somebody of such chaaracter, who effects and impact others, sir Cornelius Nwachi, one of Nigeria chief tech blogger, Ceo of way2net, sir Cornelius nwachi utilizes is blog as a medium to pass out Knowledge to individuals, so we know we aren't mixed up on our choice.

Winner - Cornelius Nwachi

Best cook of the year :

Food food food... Did I just say food? Yes! I just said it! Because it's pretty  spectacular about I. C. EMMANUEL. Physically he's wonderful at it, spiritually he yearns for it, mentally he cherishes it, socially he hones it and psychologically he dishes it out! 

He's God fearing, he's exceptional in his field, he's a gourmet expert, a recipe developer with attestation, a culinary blogger and above fulfilling purpose on earth. 

We say thank you for being part of us... Thanks and God bless!!!

Editors Note: I enormously thank the incomparable God for influencing this day to happen, And I ask that God continues utilizing the awardees for more noteworthy attempts to mankind. 

I likewise thank the awardees for accepting the blessing with a decent confidence, we guarantee you by God elegance one year from now would be better. 

On account of the readers for setting aside your opportunity to remark, We cherish our readers God favor all of you. What's more, keep you alive to witness the following scene. 

Keep in mind visting 

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