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Wowfactor360: December 2017

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Man Slashes 18-Year-Old Girlfriend Throat Because She Served Him One Piece Of Meat On Christmas Day

An 18-year-old hairdresser, Theodora Ansah has had her neck slashed by her angry boyfriend, Raymond Boabey, a construction worker at Likpe Mate, a suburb of Hohoe in the Volta region.

The victim, who is a mother of two, a three-year-old and a one and half-year-old daughters, however, escaped death from a near butchering incidence.

The victims went into a fight with the boyfriend whom she is cohabiting with, around 7 pm yesterday after a fight which begun on 25th December over one piece of meat she served him.

According to Theodora, she didn’t have enough to prepare her Christmas meal so she served him rice with one piece of meat which the boyfriend wasn’t happy about, so he confronted her angrily and slapped her in the process and kicked the lady out of his home.

On Thursday, 28th Decembers, he visited the lady to apologize and asked her to let him go home with her daughter from another man which she obliged. Hours later she went back for her daughter from him and he requested to have a chat which she agreed.

She added that he requested that they come back together and plan their marriage which she refused and her response infuriated him to start beating her till she managed to run leaving her daughter behind.

The victim said this prevented her from going far as she was scared he would harm the little girl. The suspect came back with cutlass with which he slashed her neck from behind and her left hand which she used to block the cutlass.

According to her, this attack is the third since she started a relationship with Raymond. She is currently on admission at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.

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Friday, 29 December 2017

Celebrity : I Have No Respect For Other Artistes…. Make Them Go Sleep — Oritsefemi Throws More Shade

Oritsefemi who recently caused a social media outrage after shading most of his colleagues on Twitter and received criticisms from Nigerians has confirmed that he really has beef in the industry.

The singer who called his colleagues ‘Learners’ and referred to their events as ‘shaku shaku shows’ compared to his wedding ceremony, has once again dissed them during his performance at the OneLagos fiesta in Agege last night…

While on stage, the singer said he has no respect for any artiste in the industry asides the late Fela Anikulapo Kuti, “Let all the others go and sleep” he said confirming that he has a beef with the artistes in question.

The reason behind this new public beef with his industry mates is still unknown, however, suggestions are that he is angry he was not invited for any major show after his wedding.

Well, let’s see where this agitation leads.

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Thursday, 28 December 2017

Jesus!!! Church Computer Accidentally Plays Blue Film On The Big Screen During Church Service (See)

Omo mehn, this one na big gobe ooo😂😂😂

A Twitter user @__faexo shared this embarrassing story of how hardcore porn was broadcast in the house of God.

Apparently, the church had just taken delivery of pre-owned computers which were donated to help the work of God but unknown to them, the devil was looking at them and eventually used them to dance one corner.

See the Tweets below:-

18+ only!! You can see the unedited photo HERE

If this should happen in your church, be sincere what do you think will happen?

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Gossips : Nigerians react to DJ Cuppy selling the least tickets to her show for N500k

By now, we all know how savage Nigerians on Twitter can be.

DJ Cuppy is currently catching all the flak from Nigerians online for selling tickets to her End of the year show for N500k.

The billionaire daughter will be Dj-ing at the Eko Hotels and Suites on the 31st of December, alongside other DJs.

The least ticket is been sold for N500,000, while the max ticket is selling for N1,200,000.

The tickets are on sale as thus;

GOLD: N1,200,000
DIAMOND: N1,000,000
CRYSTAL: N750,000
PLATINUM: N500,000

Checkout the flyer below:

While some Nigerians have been bashing her for putting such a high price for a show, some have come to her defense saying she knows her type of target audience.

Reacting to this, one user said;“Lmaooo I wouldn’t even go watch DJ cuppy for free. 

“DJ Cuppy’s show on Dec 31,regular ticket is 500k….Vvip is 1.2mil. Only her and her father’s friends will attend, I’ll use church to enter 2018” Another user tweeted.

Another user had this to say; “Poverty is a big problem in Nigeria. See people trash talking DJ Cuppy just cos her tickets are outside their reach. Na wa o. Me sef no fit afford am, but I won’t go all out hating. One day I’d be able to afford $30,000 tickets”

See more reactions below:


Gossips :Lady fingers her private parts after Wizkid shook her hands at his concert.

So an overly joyous lady took an audience aback following the action she took after her favourite singer, Wizkid touched her hands some days ago.

According to a Lady, Annie who was gisting her friend, Ola about what went down at Wizkid concert, she claims, the singer passed by a group of people – presumably while performing – and in salutation of his adorned fans, made physical contact with them.

Photo Credit: Goldmyne TV

This caused one of the ladies who was touched to extend the feel down to her genitals and the teller of the story was so shook that even sleep couldn’t take the thought off her mind.

Read below:

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

What Quran says about Jesus Christ

We take a look at what the Quran, the religious text of Islam has to say about Jesus and Christmas.

Christmas: What Quran says about the birth of Jesus Christ  (islamicity)

A lot of people do not realise that the Quran does talk about Jesus Christ, who is the reason for Christmas.

The truth is that the Islam Holy Book does, in fact, discuss who Jesus is, how he lived. Actually, both Islam and Christianity have some things in common when it comes to Jesus.

Birth of Jesus

Both the Bible and Quran share details on the birth of Jesus. Christians believe that Angel Gabriel gave the news of his birth to Mary, Muslims believe the same thing.

Quran 3:45 reads, “O Mary! Allah gives thee glad tidings of a Word from Him: His name will be Christ Jesus, the son of Mary, held in honor in this world and the Hereafter and of those nearest to Allah.”


Unlike Christians who believe that Jesus was born in manger, Muslims believe that he was born under a palm tree.

Another difference is that Muslims see Him as just one of God’s chosen prophets while Christians see him as the son of God.

This is seen in Quran 4:171, which says, “Christ Jesus, the son of Mary, was an apostle of Allah.”

What Quran says about Jesus Christ  (pinterest)

According to Yusif Ali, one of the most popular translations of the Quran into English, adds, Jesus says in 19:30, “I am indeed a servant of Allah: He hath given me revelation and made me a prophet.”

The interesting thing is that despite seeing Jesus as just a prophet, Muslims believe that he is in heaven and that he performed miracles when he was alive.

Jesus in the Bible vs Jesus in the Quran  (youtube)

Allah said to Jesus in 3:55, Yusif Ali, “O Jesus! I will take thee and raise thee to Myself and clear thee of those who blaspheme.

“ I will make those who follow thee superior to those who reject faith, to the Day of Resurrection: Then shall ye all return unto me.”

Despite the differences, it is clear that both Islam and Christianity can agree that Jesus is an extremely important figure.

Fun Fact- Newsweek reports that Jesus is mentioned at least 25 times in the Quran

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Donald Duke & Wife Cause Stir With Monster Bike At Calabar Bikers Carnival (Photos)

It was a show of amusement and opulence on Wednesday at the third edition of the Calabar Bikers Parade in Cross River State as a former governor of the state, Donald Duke and his wife, Onari, emerged in a monster power bike.

Attendees, passerby and participants were thrilled as the couple stole the show.

The bike awe the crowd, who continuously chanted ‘Donald Donald’ as he drove through the carnival route with his wife.

The bikers carnival, introduced in 2015 by Ben Ayade, Cross River governor, is aimed at adding to the rich content of the Calabar carnival.


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Commercial Bus Conductor Meet His Untimely Death While Hanging On Vehicle’s Door

A commercial bus conductor has reportedly met his untimely death, following a crash with a Toyota Camry and the bus on which he was reportedly hanging onto in the Orile area of Lagos State.

It was gathered that the commercial bus, a Volkswagen Vanagon, popularly known as ‘Danfo’ with number plate LRS 125 XP, was heading towards Orile when the driver lost control of the vehicle.

According to eyewitness Kolapo Philip, the bus rammed into the Toyota Camry from behind during and the conductor, who was hanging onto the vehicle’s door, was crushed.

He said, “I think the brakes of the bus failed. The driver tried unsuccessfully to stop the vehicle; it was in the process that he rammed it into the Toyota car, which was badly damaged”.

“The bus conductor was hanging on to the door. His body was smashed against the car during the collision. Policemen from the Orile division were said to have rushed him to El-Shaddai Hospital on Coker Street, Orile, a private hospital in the area, where he gave up the ghost.

None of the two drivers and the passengers on the bus was injured.”

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Gossips : Man kills wife for returning home late after Christmas party

Relatives of Betty Anyokoti at Iganga Hospital mortuary. Anyokoti was murdered on Christmas Day for coming home late, as her husband suspected she had been partying with another man. PHOTO | YAZID YOLISIGIRA | DAILY MONITOR 


Ugandan police have launched a massive manhunt for a 35-year-old man who hacked his wife to death after accusing her of partying with another man on Christmas Day.

Betty Anyokoti, 25, left her home to celebrate Christmas in Idudi, her home village, but did not return home in time.


Her husband became suspicious that she had been partying with another man.

According Mr William Okunyuku, a resident of the area, at about 10pm on Monday, the machete-wielding husband began searching for his wife, intercepted her as she walked home with their seven-year-old child, and hacked her to death.

“When the husband met the woman on the way, a heated argument ensued and when it escalated, the man cut her to death,” Mr Okunyuku said, adding that the woman sustained deep cuts on her head, chest and hands.


Residents rushed to the scene when they heard the child scream.

Police took the body to Iganga Hospital mortuary.

Chaos ensued at the mortuary when Anyokoti’s relatives demanded to take the body and bury it in the middle of the suspect’s compound. Police, however, foiled the plan.

Busoga East Region Police Spokesman James Mubi said the suspect was still on the run.


Tuesday, 26 December 2017

How to get approved by freebasics in 2018- easy way

Hello, to get approved by freebasics is really easy. You just have to follow their guidelines

I can remember how manty times i was turned durn due to things i didn't know about.


Details To Observe

In order to make your website display properly within the Free Basics Platform and be accessible to people on all types of phones and data plans, your mobile website(s) must meet certain technical conditions created by the Free Basics proxy. Specifically, mobile websites should work in the absence of:

JavaScriptiframesVideo and large imagesFlash and Java applets

If websites are found to contain any of the above post-implementation, we will block them until we can confirm that the content has been removed.


In order to offer an experience that can work across devices, your service should remain functional and useful when JavaScript is disabled. This means that your content should not rely on JavaScript for any of the core user experiences, particularly navigation or other core functionality.


Some suppression may occur for iframes so make sure that your content doesn’t rely on them. We recommend avoiding iframes altogether as it tends to lessen a mobile experience.

Video and large images

To respect low-data consumption for people using Free Basics, please avoid large data-consuming resources such as video and high definition images. We will not display video files and will also truncate resources larger than 200 KB.

Flash and Java applets

Free Basics does not support Flash resources or Java applets. If your service makes use of these technologies, please ensure to implement proper fallbacks so that they are hidden appropriately and don’t disrupt the functionality of your site.

HTTPS support

We encrypt information for Free Basics wherever possible. When people use the Free Basics Android app, their traffic is encrypted end-to-end unless you specify that your service should be HTTP only. For the Free Basics website in a mobile browser, we use a “dual certificate” model to encrypt traffic between a person's device and our servers in both directions. If your server supports HTTPS, we will also encrypt traffic between our servers and yours. Even if your service doesn't yet support HTTPS, where possible we will encrypt that information between our  servers and people's devices unless you ask us to not use dual certificate HTTPS. When people use the Free Basics mobile website, information is temporarily decrypted on our secure servers to ensure proper functionality of the services and to avoid unexpected charges to people.

We preserve the privacy of that information while it's decrypted by only storing the domain name of your service and the amount of data being used—the same information that would be visible using end-to-end encryption—as well as cookies that are stored in an encrypted and unreadable format.

Internet.org Proxy

From within Free Basics, all traffic is routed through the Internet.org proxy. We do this in order to create a standard traffic flow so that operators can properly identify and zero rate your service. It is important to realize that your service is neither hosted nor cached by Internet.org — it still operates on your own servers and is completely maintainable by you — and by detecting requests that pass through the Free Basics Platform, you can apply controls such as geo-blocking for your content and/or measure your Free Basics Platform traffic.

 link of guidelines 

This was applied at www.wazobiatvnews.com blog


wow i got approved screenshots below


steps to submit site to freebasics

 1. visit partner facebook page here

2. You will have to fill a form like this below 

3. Input your site information

4. Click submit and proceed

Read more below!!

Photos : Bwari : War between gbagyi and the hausas, churches, houses, and shops burnt down.

Evil World: Pretty Girl Stabbed 17 Times By The Boyfriend (His Reasons Will Shock You)

Hottest track released by upcoming singers.

Talent ft bamzy bleu



Evil World: Pretty Girl Stabbed 17 Times By The Boyfriend (His Reasons Will Shock You)

Pictures of the woman who was brutally stabbed to death in a shop after refusing to marry her boyfriend have emerged.

According to Dailymail, the woman identified as Shaknoza Abdikayumova, 23, was stabbed 17 times by her boyfriend Ali Kulbaev, 26, before he turned the knife on himself but failed to commit suicide in Ufa, Russia.

Before the attack he posted on his social media: ‘It’s enough that Allah knows good deeds from sins.’ In another message he wrote: ‘There is no way back, only forwards.’

Kulbaev, from Uzbekistan, is today in intensive care and is expected to survive, facing murder charges for killing the woman who refused to wed him.

It has emerged that the pair had been chatting on the internet for a year before he visited her in Ufa one month ago.

He ‘fell in love’ and soon started pestering her for marriage.

She asked for time but she grew alarmed when he threatened to kill her if she refused him. Frightened, Shaknoza, also born in Uzbekistan, called his mother Rimma who told her: ‘I don’t want to see him again. He threatened to kill me too.’

When she died, the woman had run into the shop where she worked for protection, after he gave her flowers but demanded she agree to marry him.

She screamed ‘Help!’ to her work colleagues but he shouted: ‘If I can’t have you, no-one else will.’

He took out a knife and stabbed her multiple times, before plunging it into his own chest and abdomen.

A saleswoman from the shop said: ‘We are still in shock. ‘What has happened here was a nightmare. It was terrible, he began to knife her and then stab himself. A policeman said she died on the spot.’

Shocking images from the scene show the woman’s body and the man, drenched in blood, writing on the floor in agony.

A shopper who filmed the aftermath said: ‘He just entered the shop. This scum was going to flee, I held him.’ He asked the killer: ‘Did you do anything to yourself? Or not? Did you stab yourself?’

A woman believed to be the dead woman’s mother said ‘he’s a convict’ as the man begged the bystanders: ‘Finish me off.’


Wizkid Signs 12 Year Old Boy To Star Boy, Gives Him N10 Million.

Starboy yesterday, did something remarkable at his sold-out concert which went down at Eko Hotel, Lagos yesterday.. and it’s not just coming out on stage to perform FIA together with Davido…

Wizkid allowed a youngster freestyle at his concert.. Apparently, the boy was in front of the stage, and he picked him up, gave him the mic, allow him freestyle and then signed him to his Starboy record label, and also pledged N10 million to him to grow.

Talk about, receiving your end-of-year blessing before the new year!

Monday, 25 December 2017

Photos : Bwari : War between gbagyi and the hausas, churches, houses, and shops burnt down.

When others are celebrating the ongoing Xmas,  those at Bwari area local government Council in Abuja were strucked with a riot which later turned in to a war!!

A source who revealed to wowfactor360 that the riot started when a Hausa man killed a gbagyi man,  not only that removing his intestines also.  The gbagyis who couldn't bear the loss of a son retaliated to a hausa community. There by causing a war to begin.

The popular bwari market has been brought down to ashes.. Goods worth millions have been destroyed.
Some sources told wowfactor360, that it was a clash between two cults... But other sources debunked such..

Do you think it's a religious crisis?
A tribal crisis?

Drop your Comments
see photos below

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