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Wowfactor360: See Chrome 64 Exciting Features: Mute Sites & Reminder Ads

Friday, 26 January 2018

See Chrome 64 Exciting Features: Mute Sites & Reminder Ads

When you update your Google Chrome browser to Chrome 64, you will enjoy the new feature to mute websites and disable reminder ads.

A very big thanks to the latest update on Google Chrome browser as the Chrome 64 version just got released. So, what’s new in the Chrome 64? Two things. First, you can now permanently mute websites. Secondly, you can permanently disable “reminder ads” on your browser without the need for add-ons such as Adblock.

This version of Chrome 64 is the stable (not beta) version for desktop computer users. That means no more annoying ads pop-ups and no more unnecessary notifications from scandalous websites.

How To Mute Sites On Google Chrome 64

Firstly, Chrome 64 allows you to mute entire websites. Before now, you could temporally mute certain sites such as Facebook and Twitter and tabs from displaying notifications and ads. But now, you can do that permanently.  

So, if you have a tap with an annoying pop-up and you wish to permanently mute it, simply right-click on it and select “Mute site”. That’s all. The site on that tab will be muted permanently.

How To Mute “Reminder Ads” On Google Chrome 64

If you have “reminder ads” as Google terms them on your browser, and you wish to mute or disable them, then here is what to do with the Chrome 64. “reminder ads” are those ads for certain kinds of products which you had once thought of buying. Because of this, the company keeps sending you periodic or incessant reminders about the product or service.

With the Google 64 stable release, you can now disable such “reminder ads” from showing next time you launch your browser or go online.

So, big thanks to Google for this timely effort. It will at least instill sanity in browsing experience, making it more of a pleasure and nor a chore. The downside is that advertisers will now lose certain revenue for their efforts. Of course, not everyone will be hit. Those who engage in legit, sane and ethical advertainments will not be hit by this update.

Now, The User Is In Charge!!

The Google Chrome web browser is arguably the most popular web browser today. But does that mean It’s the perfect web browser? Not really. One of the latest versions of the Firefox web browser is the Firefox Quantum which was released not quite long ago.

This tends to compete favorably with the Google Chrome Web browser in several ways, especially in terms of speed and flexibility. For more people to keep using the Google Chrome browser, then Google needs to do more than average and step up its game.

A move in that direction is, of course, the release of the Chrome 64 which seems to have fixed many of the browser’s bug fixes, and comes with several new tools.

Finally, the user is now in control. Go! Give it a try and tell me what you feel about it in the comments section below. And if you ever wish to make money on Facebook and Twitter using your phone and web browser, then check out this other post

This is a Guest post written by Ekemini Ekpo (De Kemcy), a variegated Writer, Blogger and Web Enthusiast. He loves sharing cool and helpful information.

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