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Wowfactor360: Meet beautiful female Nigerian makeup artist, who prefers working than slaying.

Friday, 26 January 2018

Meet beautiful female Nigerian makeup artist, who prefers working than slaying.

Joblessness has been an exceptionally alarming issue in Nigeria, most particularly in the lives of the Nigerian young people the same number of has stolen, young ladies fall back on prostitution and Many illicit things, yet what would one be able to do? Miss ruth isioma chukuma has demonstrated that the Nigerian circumstance won't influence her has she picked a correct way, what's the correct part?
A wonderful young lady who could have joined the fleeting trend of young ladies in Nigeria to offer their bodies... Landing herself a position and utilizing individuals, Miss Isioma Ruth who Is a make up specialists talk about the difficulties she confronted and some more...
Benevolently take in a great deal from the meeting with one of our most striking creator.

Wowfactor360 : What's your name and little about you?
Am a student rounded up my   ND program 2016 from the department of FOOD TECHNOLOGY.
Wowfactor360 : Full description of your business and address?
Ruth : Makeup artistry/youtuber and sales of makeup items.
Wowfactor360 : When did you start thinking about becoming an entrepreneur?
Ruth : well,I had it in mind for a very long time but carried the action from SS3.
Wowfactor360 : Why did you want to become an entrepreneur?
Ruth : At first it was something I did for fun I love drawing and playing with colors then I wasn't into makeup and with time I got to realize that I could make money with what I loved doing and besides I thought it was time to stop depending on my parents.
Wowfactor360 : What inspire your work and finding yourself doing this?
Ruth : ART
Wowfactor360 : What is the most important characteristics and skills you think you process?
Ruth : Ability of combine colors,create diff ideas using makeup and blending skill mostly contouring.
Wowfactor360 : What are the challenges you face and how are you able to overcome this pitfalls?
Ruth : My challenges were lack of connection,audience and funds,overcoming them wasn't easy so I had to work harder towards getting audience first before thinking about money and connection (because without the money no connection and without audience no awareness) am still upcoming and doing my best to get to the top.
Wowfactor360 : Do you have another job aside this?
Ruth : yes,I recently got into organic skincare products after so many questions of how to I keep a flawless skin after all the makeups.
Wowfactor360 : Do you like to work alone or as part of a team?
Ruth : Both so we can share ideas tho I work mainly ALONE.
Wowfactor360 : How did you get your type of audience for your job and how did you identify your target market?
Ruth : Personal interactions with people and social media platform FACEBOOK has been of great help.
Wowfactor360 : What's your education background (mention all school and institutions)
Ruth : OND holder of AUCHI POLYTECHNIC,AUCHI from the department of FOOD TECHNOLOGY (Applied science).
Wowfactor360 : How did you come up with your ideas? And how did you know it's a good idea?
Ruth : Well my ideas are as a result of trying to be different from other because so many people are into makeup artistry and I see it not just as a job but something I am crazy about reason I love looking different in so many shades of colors.
I knew it would make sense if I do it differently because people would like to try out new styles
Wowfactor360 : How did you generate money to start start your business?
Ruth : from the little money I realized from small jobs.
Wowfactor360 : What surprises did you encounter in starting your business?
Ruth : No surprise because I researched before taking the step so I saw it coming.
Wowfactor360 : How did you find the best people to be part of your team?
Ruth : I am working towards getting a TEAM.
Wowfactor360 : What ideas and approach did you use to market your business and what marketing approach did you think work best?
Ruth : Relating with people irrespective of how they are without been proud,been able to endure annoying words from clients and also using my self as a MODEL worked,if u have the face and body and boldness you pull out large audience.
Wowfactor360 : How well has your business performed in the past and how well is your businesscurrently doing?
Ruth : very slow and discouraging at first but now I know there's a lot coming.
Wowfactor360 : Why do you think enough people will want to continue patronizing your business?
Ruth : I think they would continue because I give them quality products and in terms of makeup classes I give them my attention like my children also I relate well with my makeup clients "I talk a lot"
Wowfactor360 : What kind of music do you listen to and who are your favorite musicians?
Ruth : hip hop,RnB,classics and African afro beats
Wowfactor360 : Who are your favorite entrepreneurs within and outside your industry?
Ruth : I have a lot of entrepreneurs who inspires me but none is in NIGERIA.
Wowfactor360 : Can you tell us about a recent project or process that you made better, faster, smarter or more efficient?
Ruth : Coming LIVE on Facebook is working for me currently and posting free makeup tutorials.
Wowfactor360 : Where do you see yourself professionally on the next 3-5years?
Ruth : I see my self been in a stable office having so many trainee who inspire to be in the game as myself.
Wowfactor360 : What's your family background and how are you able to cope with family and work?
Ruth : my parents are supportive in the sense that I am not been stopped from travelling anywhere I please in other to get greener pastures.
Wowfactor360 : What advice would you offer to upcoming young , and potential artists?
Ruth  : Never do buisness because your friend does it too let it come from what u love doing or have great interest in trust me you MUST be successful in that area.
Wowfactor360 : What can you say about our platform?
Ruth : Good platform it is going to help a lot of upcoming entrepreneurs,thanks for the opportunity.
Wowfactor360 : kindly Give your contacts such as social media handles etc, in case any of our audience are interested to work with you now or in future.
Ruth : contact/WhatsApp :08075757264(Includes sales of creams to go flawless even without makeup)
Facebook page,Instagram and YouTube all @ISI CONCEPT
Thanks for reading...Kindly drop a comment.

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