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Wednesday, 28 February 2018


Felix Chidi Idiga (born June 30, 1963), is a Nigerian Business Mogul/Entrepreneur/Administrator and Politician. He is the Chairman/CEO of JAFAC Group of Companies.
Born: Felix Chidi Idiga, June 30, 1963 (Age 54). Dim-Oma Ofeahia, Amifeke, Orlu, Imo State, Nigeria.
Nationality: Nigerian
Occupation : MD/CEO JAFAC Group - Involved in Dredging, Marine Logistics, Asphalt Production and Sales, Road/Bridge Construction, Equipment Sales/Leasing, Building Construction, Offshore Services; Vessel, Tanker Vessel, Tug Boats, Barges, Security Boats services, etc. Agriculture - Rice Farming. Hospitality Industry, Aviation.
Corporate Head Office : Km. 18, Airport Road, Igwuruta, PortHarcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria
Political Party : All Progressives Congress (APC)
Alma mata : University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria
Parents : Chief Felix Okoro Idiga and Late(Mrs) Theresa Ukachi Idiga
Spouse : Chief Lady Mrs. Chinyere Idiga
Children: Four (4) - Dr. Juliet, Sandra, Felix (Jnr) and Sharon
Religion : Christianity - The Roman Catholic Church
Philanthropy : The JAFAC Foundation
Website(s): www.jafacgroup.com ; www.jafacfoundation.org
E-mail : [email protected]
Idiga Felix attended St. Mary's Primary school, Amaifeke, Orlu, 1972 to 1977 and later proceeded to secondary school. He was unable to complete secondary school in one stretch due to his natural quest for business and entrepreneurship. Consequently, he ventured into the business world in 1984. With the help of his father, he was provided him the initial capital to start up a house utensils business in Onitsha. Inevitably, in June 1987, he went over to Lagos State, Nigeria to seek for greener pastures and to diversify his growing business. Later, he ventured into importation by traveling to Europe to import certain goods like designer shoes and apparels.
Felix later went back to school, Pre-Varsity Education Centre, Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja in 1990, to complete his disrupted secondary education. He later, sat for his GCE/O'Level Examination. In 1992, he proceeded to University of Lagos, Akoka for his Bachelor's Degree in Political Science.
A) JAFAC Group of Companies
As chairman /CEO of JAFAC Group, which is made up of the following companies :
1)JAFAC Auto
2)JAFAC Wine
3)JAFAC Construction
4)JAFAC Investment Company
6)JAFAC Aviation
7)JAFAC Hospitality Industry
Felix is sitting atop of these seven incorporated limited liability companies with a staff strength of 538.
In 1989, he established and incorporated JAFAC Data Systems and JAFAC Car Accessories, being his first two companies. He also incorporated JAFAC Automobile in 1990 and in 1990, ventured into wine production, excelling in all.
In 1997, he spread his business tentacles to Palm Dale, Los Angeles, United States of America, where he opened JAFAC 98 Cent Groceries store. The same year, the ship of JAFAC Conglomerate birthed in Victory Boulevard, Los Angeles, USA via JAFAC Auto Company.
In America, Felix found a home and carved a business niche in a foreign land. His businesses progressed, as his chain of enterprises flourished and expanded geometrically in America.
Encouraged by his business successes, he opened Lady J's Beauty Spa (Hair Center) in Palm Dale, Los Angeles, which eventually expanded to Beverly Drives, Beverly Hills, Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, Lancaster, all in Los Angeles, California, USA.
In 2001, Felix opened American Unique Staff provider, a staffing agency in three different locations : City of Van Nuys Boulevard, City of Santana and City of San Bernardino, all in California, USA, with a staff strength of 138, comprising of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Nurses, Elderly /Child Care Workers.
Between 1998 and 2000, Felix took the following courses in Southern California USA :
1) Business Administration
2)Human Resources
3)Anger Management
4)CPR/First Aid
i) JAFAC Construction Company
In 2008, Felix opened JAFAC Construction Company Ltd, with cooperate office at Km. 18 Airport Road, Igwuruta, PortHarcourt. Today, the company has built very solid and durable roads, bridges and executed electrification projects in Abia, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta, Imo, Ondo and River States.
ii) JAFAC Oil and Gas
Felix is also a major player in the Oil and Gas sector, where his company - SWAT Link Limited is a supportive instrument to both indigenous and multinational Oil companies, offering the following services :
2)Marine Logistics
3)Offshore Services
4)Vessel and tanker vessels
5)Tug boats barges
6)Security boats
7)Shore Protection
8)Asphalt production and sales
9)Equipment leasing
10)Procurement, etc.
iii) JAFAC Aviation
The JAFAC consortium ventured into aviation -Aircraft leasing and general aviation. The operational base of JAFAC aviation is in the East Africa.
iv) Agriculture
In Nigeria, Felix has also helped to develop a policy of achieving sustainable agricultural and food security. In 2006, he collaborated with Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) to cultivate and produce rice massively in Ini Local Government Area (LGA) of Akwa Ibom State. In the process, he also helped to develop a policy that encouraged human capacity development. The success stories of this rice farming in Akwa Ibom led to the extension of the project to five other Niger Delta states, empowering over seven hundred(700) men and women and laying a solid foundation for sustainable development in agriculture/rice farming in the region.
Sir Felix Idiga has helped to articulate Federal Government /NDDC Rice Revolution Project, building a mega Rice Mill in 2010, the biggest Rice Mill in West Africa.
In 1999, he founded JAFAC FOUNDATION, a nexus through which he and his wife, Lady Chinyere Idiga extends caring arm of hope and empowerment to the needy and less privileged. Offering scholarships to indigent students, from primary to university level, providing free medical care, equipping the youths with skills and capitals, empowering market men and women.
Motto: Privileged to save souls.
Mission: To enhance the quality of lives of Nigerians by supporting initiatives that will improve access to health and educational opportunities.
Main Goals:
1. To enhance community health care by providing free medical/health services.
2. To improve on the quality of education of children and young people.
3. To alleviate the extreme poverty in communities across the country (starting from Orlu Zone) by providing portable water and encouraging their education.
4. Empowerment of men and women by promoting sports, music, arts, skills acquisition and entrepreneurial development programmes.
Sir Felix Chidi Idiga believes that life which doesn't touch others is not worth living, hence he cofounded Jafac Foundation with his wife, primarily to touch lives positively.
The following are some of his acts of charity and philanthropic gestures:
1. Empowerment of 2,700 market men and women across the 12 LGAs of Orlu Zone.
2. Jafac Foundation organised a skills acquisition /learning programme on bead making, wire works, cinematography, cosmetology, soap making, cream making, powder and perfume making, snailry, computer operations, flower vase manufacturing , film making and hair dressing. This time around, over 500 persons benefitted.
3. Jafac Foundation provided free eye and optical care for over 200 people.
4. Jafac Foundation awarded scholarships to over 135 persons in primary, secondary and tertiary levels across Orlu Zone.
5. Jafac Foundation paid hospital bills for indigent people ( in and out patients) across hospitals in Orlu Zone. Over 200 persons were beneficiaries.
6. Jafac Foundation sponsored cultural dance in 12 LGAs that made up of Orlu Zone. Participants won fabulous prices.
7. Jafac Foundation sponsored football talent hunt/ soccer competition across Orlu Zone and exceptional talents were discovered harvested.
8. Jafac Foundation provided basic remedies to the needs of people such as foods, monies, and financial respite to hospital patients in Orlu Zone.
9. Jafac Foundation has assisted many less privileged homes in Orlu Zone.
10. Over 1000 persons have benefitted from Jafac Foundation's continuous reach outs/ intervention programmes to indigent people (money, foodstuffs, rent payments, etc).
11. Jafac Foundation has empowered many individuals with motorcycles and cars.
12. Provided free computers and reviewed wheelchair ramps for the disabled in Orlu Zone.
13. Provided brand new bus to the Catholic Women's Organization (CWO), Orlu Zone.
14. Provided solar lights, householders, transformers, and drainages across the entire Orlu Zone.
15. Provision of free buses to hospitals such as IMSUTH.
1. Ihie link road, Ohaji Egbema.
2. Obiakpu - Ihie link road, Phase 1.
3. Agbor-Ikor, Unueze road, Phase 1.
4. Ohaji Egbema LGA.
5. Fish gears /boats, Ohaji Egbema.
6. Rufus Obiakor Road, Amaifeke.
7. Amailia Unuokwelle road.
8. Old Orlu /Owerri road, Orlu LGA.
9. Okwu-Emekuku road, Mike Dad road, Orlu LGA.
10. Ndokwere road, Amaifeke, Orlu LGA.
11. Nwaeku road, Okermeje, Orlu LGA.
12. Umuduru Internal roads , Okposo, Orlu LGA.
13. Ibenye internal roads , Orlu LGA.
14. Oleme internal roads, Orlu LGA.
15.Anuhinu Amaifeke - Ihioma Link Road, Orlu LGA.
16. Unuezeala Ogwara Road, Ehine Mbano, Imo state.
The efforts of Chief Felix Idiga made the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) to begin awarding and completing road projects hitherto sited only in Orji Egbema /Oguta to non-oil producing communities in Orlu Zone. Presently, Chief Felix Idiga have facilitated over 28 verifiable projects with and outside Orlu Zone.
In 2015, Felix contested for the Imo west Senatorial Zone under the Accord Party . He holds the following grassroot positions in the State (Imo) :
1)State Leader, APC (Imo)
2)Amaifeke ward Leader, (APC)
3)Patron, Orlu Zonal Youth Movement
Sir Felix Idiga holds the following awards and Honours :
1) Award of the prestigious 2001 California Businessman of the year Award by the National Republican Congressional Committee as a top United States Business Leader who successfully integrated business and financial success.
2) Orlu Zone Youth Movement, Philanthropist of the year Award - 2005
3) Imo Business Forum, Industrialist of the year Award - 2010
4) Nzuko Odimma Igbo Forum, Pillar of the Igbos Award - 2007
Idiga Felix is a holder of other several titles and honours, among them are Akuatuegwu 1 of Orlu, Nkwa Chukwu Kwere Orlu. He's also a knight of St. Mulumba of the Catholic Church.

©Culled by Ositadimma Izuchukwu Anslem for Imo Square Media Forum

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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Why do men prefer women without makeup?

Countless men have come forward to say it: men generally prefer when a woman is not wearing makeup, or if at all she has to wear some, it should be minimal. 

Of course, we all understand that makeup makes women look prettier. After all, that is why there is still a thriving cosmetic industry. Therefore, if makeup makes women look prettier, why do most men prefer that their women go without it?

1. Makeup tells about a woman’s insecurities

Using light makeup to enhance your features is excellent but on the hand, some men believe that if a woman goes an extra mile with the makeup then it shows she has low self-esteem and they definitely don’t want to date a woman who doesn’t feel good about herself.

2. It lets him know you are vulnerable to him

Men say that they would rather date a woman who can go without makeup because it shows she is willing to open up herself to him and show all her bumps and bruises (both literal and figurative).

3. It is fake

Some men opine that a woman wearing makeup comes across as one who is trying to be someone other than herself. 

4. It is sexier

Without makeup, some men believe that a woman’s confidence shines through better. And you can be assured that confidence is one thing that can turn your man on. 

5. It is purer

Men say that a woman without makeup communicates innocence and intimacy. This doesn’t mean that women who wear it don’t communicate same but they would rather have a woman without makeup.

The truth is that no one should dictate to you whether or not you should wear makeup but the above points tell you that wearing too much of it can cause a problem. So, watch it.


Monday, 26 February 2018


Governor Okezie Ikpeazu

The 52 million naira which was meant for the South East Entrepreneurship Development Center (SEEDC) contract job and renovation of Women Development Center has been swallowed by a mysterious fish in Abia state, Igbere has learnt.

Igbere TV gathered that the contract was given to Phrenemos Intl Ltd and was to be supervised by the current Abia State SSG, Dr. Eme Okoro who is very close to governor Okezie Ikpeazu.

Igbere TV scoped that before now there has been news of the SSG mismanagement of financial transactions and requests for kickbacks from contractors, but this shocking revelation completely broke the camels back as mysterious fish has been alleged to have swallowed the whole money meant for the job.

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The investigations done by our reporter reveal that the SSG who was instructed by Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu to oversee the job told the MD of Phrenemos Intl Ltd to open a UBA account with one Glory Emucha in the pretense that UBA is the Bank Abia State government is dealing with, not knowing the reason is for easy access into his account .

After weeks, the MD of Phrenemos Intl Ltd, Engr Emma Uche Adimoha approached UBA to know the status of his account in respect of the contract payment and discovered the unbelievable. Adimoha was told that a ‘mysterious fish’ has swallowed the whole money.

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He discovered that 2 million Naira was paid into his account but was also swallowed by the mysterious fish without his knowledge, meanwhile he had been spending his private funds facilitating the project.

He subsequently discovered that a financial project report was sent to the governor detailing that over N15million that was released has been used in the project.

This simply means that government actually released over N15m for the project and N2m was paid into Phrenemos Intl Ltd.’s account which was withdrawn without his consent and the remaining diverted.

A source revealed to our correspondent that Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu’s government is already gathering very bad image based on fraud issues linking top government functionaries in his government.

The source also revealed that DSS has already made some arrests in connection with the fraudulent engagement .

The SEEDC N52m Contract Fraud Case has become a wild fire in Abia, burning without control.

Below are documents of the contract and audio recordings from the controversy surrounding the scam

Source : Abacityblog

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Popular Nigerian musician slumps, dies while performing on stage [PHOTO]

Popular Anambra-based musician, Chinedu Iwozor is dead.

Iwozor, who is the leader of the 7star International Band, collapsed and died while performing on stage Friday in his hometown, Anambra State.

Until his demise, the prominent Igbo singer was also a member of the Iheoma Adighi Agwu Agwu musical group.

He was well known in the east for his numerous hit songs like ‘Destiny can be delayed, but can’t be denied’; ‘Iheoma adighi agwu agwu’ among others.

A member of his music group, Shabach Nelson Lukebaz Igboke, who shared the photos, wrote, “Music Industry has lost another superlative legend again.

“The singer of ‘iheoma adighi agwu Agwu’ and the leader of 7stars international band CHINEDU Iwozor died on stage while performing. RIP great singer.”

He is said have suffered cardiac arrest on stage leading to his unfortunate death.

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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Pastor impregnates chorister, kills her after she refused to abort the pregnancy, also kills another lady who knew about their affair with her baby (Photos)

The Senior Pastor of Alter of Grace Ministries, Chidiebere Okoroafor has been arrested by the Rivers State Police command for allegedly killing three people, including two pregnant women and an infant near Izuom market, Oyigbo.
The Preliminary investigation revealed that the Pastor had impregnated Olumma Onwaagba, who until her death was a member of the church choir.
It was gathered that Okoroafor allegedly pressured Olumma to terminate the pregnancy but she refused. Her refusal led to her death and that of those who knew about the scandal.
While speaking to newsmen, the suspect said:
“I don’t know what came over me. It was the handiwork of the devil. I am just begging for forgiveness from the families.”
According to the police:
“We discovered that the Pastor was having an amorous affair with one of the deceased, Uloma. The Pastor manipulated the two women on the 10th of December by first luring Concila to an uncompleted building and killed her there. After strangulating the late Concilia, he then took Uloma with Christabel in a tricycle to an isolated farm at Igberu road and gruesomely murdered her in the surrounding overgrown bush with the baby strapped to her back. She was suffocated with the wrapper she used in strapping the baby to her back.”

The bodies of the deceased have since been recovered.

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Bukky Wright Allegedly Married 5 Husbands Without Divorce…Why She Gave Up On Marriage

Care to know why Bukky Wright finally gave up on marriage? Please read on..

The frontline Yoruba actress cum producer year ago was accused of bigamy

For those who do not know, let us inform you for free that Bukky recently ended union with US big boy Adewale Onitiri may not be officially over as the actress in her usual waka commot style ended the marriage without divorce.

Ordinarily, it would have been seen as a joyous thing with congratulatory messages flying in from different angles. But not so with the talented thespian whose secret wedding at a New Jersey,USA,registry drew flakes amongst her friends and foes alike.

Very close friends of the star actress are telling anyone that cares to know that the reason she contracted the now crashed marriage with Adewale Onitiri in secret because she wanted to hide her many sins of multiple bigamy.

Investigations have revealed that Bukky Wright is not only guilty of bigamy but that of deceit, infidelity, fetishism, greed, avarice and a lack of the rules governing marriage.

Tale bearers who should know said that Bukky is married to four other men aside her last husband.

We gathered that her first was to one Gboyega Amu with whom she had two children. Shortly after separating from Amu due to what she termed irreconcilable differences, she moved into the arms of fellow actor and one time NNPC top shot and current member of the House of Representatives, Rotimi Makinde without officially divorcing Gboyega Amu.

Gboyega Amu

Rotimi Makinde

The union lasted a few years before she moved on in the same fashion and found solace in the arms of society journalist and image maker, Femi Davies.

Femi Davies

Bukky and Femi got married at the Akodo Registry in Lagos without still dissolving her early marriages. Her nuptials with Femi Davies followed the same pattern. Did not last up to a year before she also walked away without going to the courts to seek for a divorce, making her the wife of three men.

Not done with the three and the numerous flings, she later got hitched with renowned music promoter, Bolaji Saheed a.k.a Basia who was then based in Canada. Within a short time, and true to type ,they got married in a hush-hush Islamic Nikkai.

Bolaji Basia

According to news flying about then, she wanted to use Basia as a ticket to her permanent stay in Canada but the man got wise quicker than she expected. Soon enough, following her normal pattern,t he marriage crumbled owing to allegations of infidelity,lesbianism and fetish practices.

As also was the norm, Bukky did not seek dissolution in a law court, meaning that the marriage is still standing.

Wale Onitiri

Now with her last marriage to Adewale Onitiri, tongues are wagging that Bukky is a bigamist who should have served jail terms if she were to be in a western country.

Bigamy is a crime in most Western countries, and when it occurs in this context often neither the first nor second spouse is aware of the other.

Meanwhile, the actress who has constantly come under radar has finally gives up on marriage after keeping her life out of the public.

As at 3 years ago, the actress was accused of being a lesbian, an allegation she later denied.

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Friday, 23 February 2018

Where was the 'black panther' movie filmed? You'll never believe!

The Black Panther movie is indeed setting new records in the film industry, the film that was released last Friday made an impressive $76 million on that day alone. Movie critics predict that Blank Panther the movie will probably have the most significant opening experienced in February, a record that was previously held by Deadpool. Current estimates show that the film will soon set the sic biggest Box office opening in the history of filming. Ever since the Black Panther trailer was released, the movie has been the most anticipated movies of the year 2018.

Well, many were glad when finally the Blank Panther release date was announced to be 15th February 2018, which was a day earlier to the Black Panther release date Kenya. Those who have watched the movie and the trailer must have been awed by the beautiful land of Wakanda, sadly the nation of Wakanda isn't real. Black Panther marvel was shot in multiple places.

Therefore, if you had plans of going to Wakanda, you might have to change some of your holiday destination. The following film locations were used by the Black Panther cast when shooting the movie.

Many of the movies done by the Marvel Cinematic Universe are usually filmed in Atlanta, especially at the Pinewood Studios. Therefore, it's obvious that a significant portion of the Black Panther movie was shot at the Pinewood Studios, and this is where the fictional land of Wakanda was created. The exceptional cinematic magic is indeed the best. The other location that was used was the Atlanta’s Sweet Auburn district.

The next destination of the Black Panther cast was Busan in South Korea. Apparently, the epic car chase that is in the movie was filmed in South Korea. A total number of 150 cars were used in shooting this scene, and at least 700 people were included. If you look closely at the car chase, you will be able to see some of the Busan landmarks like the Gwangan Bridge, the Jagalchi Market and the Gwangalli Beach. Definitely, Busan can be a lovely holiday destination if you are planning on going to Asia.

Black Panther filming in Gwanganri, Busan, South Korea 21/3/17

Many might wonder where the gorgeous waterfalls in Wakanda are located. Well, the Black Panther team took a trip to Argentina and had a chance to enjoy the beauty of these Argentinian waterfalls as they contend shooting the movie. Not to mention this beautiful spot is incredibly affordable as a holiday destination.

South Africa, Zambia, and Uganda

Lastly, the team used footages from three countries in Africa. The Marzano Films admitted to providing the Black Panther movie with aerial footages that were shot in multiple locations on the African continent. The lucky countries were Uganda, South Africa and Zambia.

As we continue to watch the Black Panther marvel movie break more records, many are indeed thrilled by the fact that the movie was actually shot in real locations hence presenting gorgeous cinematography. The Black Panther premiere is indeed a success being the first movie by Marvel to be on the cover of Time magazine. Being less than a week old in the Cinemas, its indeed doing better than many historical films

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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

How to know your 2018 jamb Mock exam date, time and venue


JAMB is expected to notify candidates about their mock exam venue and time any moment from now considering the fact that the mock exam will be holding in few days.

All candidates who are qualified to participate in the mock exam are expected to receive their mock exam schedule via their email addresses as well as text messages to the Phone numbers they provided during UTME registration as earlier announced by JAMB.

In the light of this, we advise all those who indicated interest to write the Mock Exam to please check their emails regularly in order to know when their mock exam venue and time have been sent to them. Please ensure you check both your inbox and SPAM folder as the message may be delivered in your SPAM folder instead of the inbox.

Once you receive such notification, please do not fail to let us know so other candidates can be informed as well.

Meanwhile, we expect JAMB to also provide information on how candidates can print their mock exam slip from the official portal for the benefit of those who may be unable to get theirs via emails/text messages. Once that information becomes available, we will let you know.


Shocking : A mysterious discovery at Onitsha mansion

Most times, people tend to believe in some superstitious claims. In one of such claims, people believe that one’s destiny can be taken by another person. It is also common among the people to suspect most rich men and women of being behind some persons’ misfortune or downfall. However, the daily rituals, sudden death, calamity and social evil had also compounded the thinking of most people to severe the truth from false claims.

The recent tragedy in Onitsha, the commercial hub of Anambra State, where bricklayers and diggers exhumed a fetish object at Egerton Street, buried deep inside the floor of a 5-storey mansion is an eloquent testimony that the world is full of signs and wonders and the more you look, the less you see. The object contained in a pot of clay according to the diggers was running around as they tried to exhume it.

They also claimed that the pot containing the mysterious object was making noise as it moved from one end of the pit to another. The diggers, who did not want their names in print, said: “We are here to dig this place for the installation of overhead water tank. We have digged almost 20ft before we stumbled on this object. We raised an alarm when the object started shaking and subsequently rolled from one end of the wall to another.

“This attracted the attention of passersby as we scampered for safety. The man, who contracted us was not in the house. We managed to over-power the object and that is what you see there, near the white bucket in a clay pot.

We have to make sure we complete our job and collect our money because whatever was buried here was not our portion and not for us”, one of the diggers said”.

Some of the passers-by alleged that most mansion in most cities are built on top of some devilish objects. A man, who gave his name as Pastor Dickson Onuma, claimed that in the course of his evangelical missions, he had been used to exhuming fetish objects, in families, shops, churches and private home. Sometimes, they will exhume casket, human skulls and so many. “You don’t know what this was meant for but believe it or leave it, is for devilish intentions.”

“Some tenants can live in a house for up wards of 20 – 30 years. They will continue to expirience hardship, impotency, poverty and what have you. Unless you give your life to Christ, you can’t survive this situation,” the Pastor warned. Another man said some bury their witchcraft in their houses and tenants will continue to pay house rent without any achievement. “There are some places where one will live and children will be dying one after the other.

These things are real and this will serve as an eye opener for those who witnessed this today. However, there are those who do this to protect their lives, especially the occult men and women.

So, this is not peculiar to the Igbo people. It is seen mostly in every other part of the country.” Meanwhile, all efforts by our correspondent to speak with the landlord of the house proved abortive.

For three consecutive times, this correspondent visited the house, there were indication that people have deserted the building, as only very few children were sighted at the second floor of the 5-storey building hanging at the corridor, looking innocently at the bewildered members of the public, who cluster near the building discussing in low tone and pointing fingers at the house..

A vulcanizer, who works in front of the house, told our correspondent that he only sighted the landlord once since the incident happened but it seems he has travelled. When asked if he knows if he took the object away, he said ‘no’ but the object is no longer there. He said that some of the tenants in the house have also not been seen as before.

“I don’t know about them but I have not seen some of them drive in or out as they used to do before that thing happened. I am not their gateman and I can’t speak for anybody, sir”

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Tragedy : Dana plane crashes in port Harcourt

A Dana aircraft which took off from Lagos has crashed landed in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

The plane with registration number 5N-SRI was said to have overshot the runway and ended up in the bush, Sahara Reporters reports.

This is coming a week after passengers of a Dana flight shared stories of an exit door falling off upon touchdown, sharing photos of a gaping hole on the plane.

According to Sahara Reporters, the plane took off from Lagos and upon arrival at the Port Harcourt International Airport overshot the runway, skidding into the bush.

The photos shared showed passengers being evacuated from the plane in the bush.

See photos of the plane below:

Photo Credit: Sahara Reporters

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Sunday, 18 February 2018

NEWS Exclusive: Police Escorting A Full Loaded Truck kills taxi driver loading passengers for no reason.

News reaching JoelsBlog just now is that a Taxi Driver (Name withheld) has been shot dead by police escorting a full loaded trailer while he was loading passengers in Rumuokoro Axis of Rivers staPort-Harcourt .

According to reliable sources, Joelsblog found out that the whole thing was like a drama in a true Nollywood film, the deceased was busy loading passengers when he was shot dead.

"Everybody was busy going about their activities in the park, when we heard gunshot and to our greatest surprised the young man was dead, the wicked aspect of this situation is that, he was shot for no reason at all, no confrontation or anything... They just killed him " A man that sold at the scene of the alleged attack told JoelsBlog correspondent.

Source : joelsblog.com.ng

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It is an insult to say I am worth $150 million — Bishop Oyedepo


Papa Oyedepo in a video released by the Winners Chapel London has said in a message “The secrets of prosperity”, that it is an insult for people to say he is worth 150million dollars.

The leader of Winner Chapel said he is worth more than that, quoting Philipians 4:19, “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” as as thus 150 million dollars is too small..

Recall Forbes named Oyedepo the Richest pastor in the world with a networth of $150 million.. Forbes is quoted to have said:

Coming in as a supposed host of the Holy Ghost with the most, Bishop David Oyedepo heads the single largest church in the world, Winners’ Chapel, which seats 50,000. As one of the main founders of the Nigerian Christian Charismatic movement, he also exerts control over churches in 45 African nations, as well as several in Dubai, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Having been mentored by Adeboye, it is quite clear he took the formula of church expansion up a notch. Alongside churches, there has also been active outreach within his native continent where his ministry has aided in the development of hospitals, schools and maternity homes.

As to be expected with such successes, two of his sons are following in his footsteps by heading up both the London and South African Winners’ Chapel divisions.


Friday, 16 February 2018

Police In Florida Arrest 11-Year-Old Girl Who Wrote A Note Threatening To Shoot Kids & Teachers In Her School.

A 6th grader has reportedly been apprehended for writing a note that contained a threat to commit a school shooting – the pupil is from Davie, Florida which is close to Parkland, Florida.

Adding to the tragedy and fear surrounding the Florida community, and the country as a whole, the news comes only a day after the tragic school shooting by a 19-year-old male killing 17 people.

The girl claims another student forced her to place the note under the office door to the assistant principal and according to the police report, the 11-year-old can be seen on a surveillance video placing the handwritten under the door.

The student has produced a written confession after being confronted by authorities who say the girl was visually upset and crying as she was being questioned.

In the confession, the student claims that another girl threatened to have another friend fight her. Under physical threat, the writer of the threat was pressured by the girl to place it under the assistant principal’s door.

The student was taken into custody by Davie police and put in the Broward Juvenile Assesment Center. Her identity is being withheld because of her age as she is still a minor.

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Thursday, 15 February 2018


For the last couple of years, The Mo Ibrahim Foundation which annually confers the most outstanding leader award to African leaders who have distinguished themselves in the art of leadership, has refused to confer the award on any of the present African leaders reason as cited by the foundation is that none of them is worthy. But, does this translate that they're dearths of leaders in African? Read on. 

It's true that leadership in Africa is currently being led by those whom politicial profiteering has become an unquenchable vision- Men whose drive is their personal enrichment; the prosperity of the nation becomes a lesser issue to that of themselves. It's also true, that Africa has obscured their best men from assuming leadership positions. Men who have created wealth and jobs for their communities without being in an elective leadership position. Men whose fecundity is unquestionable and whose loyalty lies always with the people. Men to whom leadership is natural have been edged out of leadership positions by nitwits and scrupulous elements in the society

Chief, Felix Idiga is one such man. Chief Felix Idiga is the Chief Executive Officer of JAFAC Group an indigenous group he founded in the 80's when must of his mates were still seeking government patronage and singlehandedly built the group to become one of the highest employer of Labour in Nigeria with little government support. Chief Felix Idiga is a visionary whose love for economic emancipation of the African continent is unmatched. He understands that leadership is both an art and a gift conferred by the almighty- reason why he sees the service to his people like a holy injunction.

Chief Felix Idiga is a leaders leader. A principled and effusive leader who constantly keeps a vigil in search of solutions for his people. He understands that leadership is a rent we must pay to our community for birthing us. He perfectly knows that leadership is all about the people- that's why without being in an elective leadership position, he has done more for his people than those in government. Like Felix himself will say " Praise be to God always for giving us the grace of being able to do his works"

If Africa must rise above it present darkness, she must allow the lights of men such as Felix Idiga beam to illuminate all corners of our community and create prosperity. The antecedent of Chief Felix Idiga foretell an exceptional leader, a philanthropic leader who will go any length to alleviate the suffering of his people. It's said that the taste of the corn is in it pudding. Chief Felix Idiga who has shown excellence in community development must be allowed to come forward and take up leadership positions. 

With men like Felix Idiga in leadership positions, I'm certain that our community will be better for it. We have a moral duty to cajole and plead with natural born leaders like Felix Idiga to take up leadership positions, only then can we expect growth and prosperity in our society.

©Obi Trice Emeka

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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

29-Year-Old Woman Arrested For Torturing Her Stepdaughters With Hot Knife And Pepper

A 10-year-old girl, Vera, and her younger sister, Favour, five, are grappling with injuries inflicted on them by their stepmother.

The woman, Chidima Nnachi, reportedly beat up Vera, rubbed pepper on her eyes and burned her back with a hot knife.

She also reportedly injured Favour on the forehead and inserted pepper in her eyes for allegedly soiling her body.

The family, including Nnachi’s husband, resided on Aso Rock Street, Brucknor Estate, Ejigbo, Lagos State.

While the children were rescued and taken into protective custody by the Office of the Public Defender of the state Ministry of Justice, Nnachi was arrested by the police from the Ejigbo division.

PUNCH Metro learnt that the 29-year-old trader allegedly tortured Vera, a primary four pupil of Ola Olu Montessori School, because she went to play after returning from the school on February 7, 2018.

It was gathered that the children’s mother died in 2012 after she gave birth to Favour.

A neighbour, identified simply as Olajide, was said to have reported the case at the Ejigbo Police Division and the suspect was apprehended.

Olajide told the police that Nnachi had been maltreating the children for a long time, adding that Vera’s groans on that day prompted her to make a report.

He said, “It was a neigbour who called my attention to the maltreatment of the children by their stepmother. I witnessed the torture of the girl (Vera) by her stepmother. She beat her for about three hours on that day. I was sad and informed the community development association chairman who advised that that we should report the case to the police.”

Vera said she had returned from her school – some distance away from the house – on the day with Favour, but returned to the school premises to play.

She said when she returned home around 3.30pm, she met her stepmother, who beat her up with a stick for playing on the street.

The girl added that Nnachi put a knife in a burning liquefied petroleum gas (cooking gas) for some minutes and pressed it on her back.

She said, “On Wednesday, February 7, after the school closed, I went back to the school compound to play and came back home around 3.30pm. When my stepmother returned from her shop in Isheri Osun, she asked me why I left home to play on the street. I told her that I was playing at the school compound, but she said I was lying.

“She started beating me. She put on the cooking gas and placed a knife on fire. She put pepper in my eyes and I could not see again. She then pressed the hot knife on my back. I cried and felt pains.

“The following day, my younger sister woke up in the morning with faeces on her body. She (Nnachi) beat her and put pepper in her eyes too. Our father had travelled when the incidents happened.”

The suspect, the mother of one, in her statement to the police reportedly confessed to assaulting Vera, adding that she did not treat her injuries.

She said, “Favour and Vera have been living with me since 2014 when I got married to their father. I was told their mother died in 2012 after Favour’s birth. On February 7 around 3pm, I came back from my shop in Isheri Osun and met only Favour and my two-year-old child, Dominion, at home.

“I checked everywhere, but did not see Vera. When she later came back, I asked her where she went to. She said she went to another street. As I wanted to beat her, she ran away. Her school proprietress brought her home. When the proprietress left, I put fresh pepper in her eyes and pressed a hot knife on her back several times. Vera was the one who took care of her sister and my son when I had gone to the shop.”

A police prosecutor, Sergeant Koti Aondohemba, brought the defendant before an Ogba Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday on five counts of assault.

Aondohemba told the court that the offences contravened sections 10(b)(c)(d) of the Child Rights Law of Lagos State of Nigeria, 2015.

The charges read in part, “That you, Chidima Nnachi, on February 7, 2018 around 3.30pm, on Aso Rock Street, Brucknor Estate, Ejigbo, Lagos, in the Lagos Magisterial District, did inflict injuries on one Vera, 10 years old, by burning her back with a hot kitchen knife and caused her bodily harm.

“That you, Chidima Nnachi, did unlawfully assault one Favour, five years old, by flogging her all over her body and inflicting injuries on her back and face, thereby committing an offence punishable under Section 10(c) of the Child Rights Law of Lagos State of Nigeria, 2015.”

The defendant, however, pleaded not guilty to the charges and elected summary trial.

The presiding magistrate, Mr. A.O. Ogbe, granted her bail in the sum of N100,000 with two sureties in like sum and adjourned the case till March 5, 2018.

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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

I Feed On Flesh, Drink 2 Glasses Of Human Blood Daily - Ex Pastor And Cultist Confess To Killing 7000 People

A former pastor and notorious cultist who has allegedly killed more than 7,000 people in less than ten years has candidly opened up on his dark past and what drove him to change. 

Samuel Mwema Muli

A 47-year-old former notorious cultist, ritualist and killer identified as Samuel Mwema Muli, from the Roysambu, Nairobi area of Kenya, who has killed more than 7,000 people from various parts of his country in less than ten years, has opened up on his ‘dark’past and what drove him to change.

According to The Nairobian, the man's satanic mission who was a preacher at a city church, began one afternoon in 1992 when he killed his 8-month-old son, a heinous act that saw him part ways with his first wife.

Muli, who spent three years in jail for mentioning the names of powerful people as devil worshippers, said: “After graduation, I was employed by a news agency in Nairobi where I overheard fellow scribes talk about devil worshipping. I did not believe the talk. But what attracted me to it was the money.”

Speaking further to a correspondent, he say one Thursday evening after work, he was walking outside the KPCU Building to his Majengo house when he stumbled upon a letter addressed to him. “It was an invitation to cover a fundraising event for street children,” he says.

“I met a shamba boy (name withheld) dressed in black. He welcomed me saying the chief guest expected at the event was a powerful cabinet minister,” he claims.

Muli says at the entrance, the shamba boy stripped unclad and took him to a woman who introduced herself as Francisca from Kiambu. “She pulled a drawer, counted crispy Sh75,000(N267,000) notes and handed them to me,” he claims.

“When I arrived at about 5pm, I lied to my colleagues that I had hit a jackpot and invited them for drinks.”

Muli says he spent the cash in three days and decided to go back to the hall one more time. “I met Francesca once more and she led me to another office where I saw three screens written ‘Kenya,’ ‘Uganda,’ and ‘South Africa,’” he claims.

Inside the hall hung TV screens. On one of the screens, Muli says, he saw the face of his 18-month-old first born son. “Then a Unclad woman came, gave me a sharp razor, commanded me to cut the face of my son on the screen and gave me Sh85,000(305,000),” Muli adds.

“Three days later, my son died mysteriously. His private parts and tongue were missing when we buried him.”

Three months after the incident, he claims he was officially recruited as a member of the cult when the team leader took all his finger and toe prints. Thereafter, he started earning Sh9,000 every Friday, more money than the agency paid. So he quit.

With a steady flow of easy cash, he claims, he invested in the transport business and acquired a fleet of buses that operated between Nairobi-Kisumu and Eldoret-Nakuru-Nairobi.

Muli adds that in 1997, he sacrificed all the passengers aboard one of his buses near Kericho. “I was behind the grisly road accidents between Naivasha and Nakuru. I could board a bus or matatu and alight before the crash,” Muli claims.

“That period, I fed on women breasts and two glasses of human blood daily. By the time I quit, the cult had more than 500 followers in Nairobi. But all my wealth was taken by the cult when I quit.”

In 1997, Muli claims he quit when an angel appeared to him at night. “I woke up the following day at a church in Nairobi after falling nude from the ceiling and sending the faithful scampering for safety. The three women who remained covered my nudity The police were called, but since there was no damage on the ceiling, they left,” he claims.

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Monday, 12 February 2018

#BBN : cee-c is married, see evidence

It is no longer news that everyone thinks Tobi the current BBnaija head of house is under the spell of his partner in the house Cee-C.

The banker has proven in many ways to be madly in love with the lawyer contestant, Cee-C, and has severally be caught on camera begging her although it seems the feeling isn’t being 100% reciprocated and we wonder why because she seems to get jealous whenever Tobi hangs around another female housemate.

Unfortunately for Tobi, it seems his Le boo is married as shocking photos of Cee C putting on a wedding ring at a wedding venue surfaces online.

And we don’t need anyone to tell us that she is taken.

Poor Tobi! If only Cee-C would stop playing with his emotions and open up to him about her marital status.

See photos below:


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Saturday, 10 February 2018

A mystery snake swallowed the N36 million cash in JAMB office — Staff

The management of Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, JAMB, is yet to come to terms with an explanation by an official in the Makurdi, Benue office of the Board that proceeds from the sale of admission scratch cards in the state, totaling N36million have been swallowed from the cash vault by a mystery snake that comes in the night.

The mystery snake was said to have sneaked into the account office of the Board in Makurdi and made away with the N36 million cash a number of times. JAMB candidates hitherto purchased scratch cards from JAMB state offices and other designated centers, to gain access to the Board’s website for either registration or to check their admission status.

The witchdoctor steps in


But the reforms introduced by JAMB registrar, Prof. Ishaq Oloyede, when he assumed office in 2016, recommended an end to the use of scratch cards, replacing it with more efficient and effective platforms.

To streamline its operations, Saturday Sun learnt, a team of auditors was dispatched to different state offices of JAMB to take inventory of the sold and unsold scratch cards and recover whatever money that might have either been generated or mismanaged during the period of the sale of scratch cards.

As they hit the ground running, several incredible discoveries were made in different states visited. But the case of Makurdi office of JAMB revealed a shocker to all. A sales clerk, Philomina Chieshe, told JAMB registrar and his team that she could not account for N36 million she made in previous years before the abolition of scratch cards.

In the course of interrogation, Philomena denied the allegations that she stole the money. She however confessed that it was her housemaid that connived with another JAMB staff, Joan Asen, to “spiritually” steal the money from the vault in the account office.

She said: “I was one of the four sales clerks attached to JAMB office in Makurdi. My responsibility was to sell scratch cards to candidates and not involved in handling the revenues. It was the responsibility of Joan Asen and my other senior colleagues. I only remit money when am done selling the cards.

“Few months ago, there was issue of fraud in the Makurdi office. Auditors were sent from Abuja to carefully flip the record books of the office, to perhaps, ascertain the current state of affairs.

“The state Coordinator, Obilo, was not around when the audit team came. But in the course of the audit, N36 million was discovered to have been missing from the account. An investigation was launched. In the course of the investigation, it was discovered that Joan Asen, who is account staff and a lady outside JAMB have connived to steal the money.”

How the mystery snake swallowed millions

Philomina in her confessional statement said that Joan Asen and her accomplices confessed that they have been stealing the money “spiritually” through a mysterious snake that always sneak into the office to swallow the money from the vault.

According to her “It was a mystery to me too. I have been saving the money in the bank, but I found it difficult to account for it. So I started saving it in a vault in the office. But each time I open the vault, I will find nothing. I became worried and surprised how the millions of Naira could be disappearing from the vault. I began to interrogate everybody in the house and office, and no one could agree on what might have happened to the money. I continued to press until my housemaid confessed. She said that the money disappeared “spiritually”. She said that a “mysterious snake” sneaked into the house and swallowed the money in the vault.”


Wednesday, 7 February 2018

100 level Unizik student killed by unknown gunmen.

100 level Unizik student killed by unknown gunmen.

It was on 7th of February 2018, when suspected cultist attacked a 100 level student of philosophy (David ugwah onyedikachi)and he was shot to death few days to the school matriculation (10th of February),

May his humble soul rest in peace

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Monday, 5 February 2018

You Are My Queen - Wizkid To Tiwa Savage @tiwasavage @wizkidayo

Nigerian music star, Ayo Balogun popularly known
as Wizkid gives Mavin Diva, Tiwa Savage a Birthday
shoutout, calls her 'My Queen'
Minutes ago, Starboy # Wizkid posted a picture of
himself with the Roc Nation star via his official
gram page @wizkidayo with caption;
Big birthday shoutout to a Queen!! Our Queen, My
Queen! Hard worker!! @tiwasavage _
Recall that, #Wizkid and #TiwaSavage collaborated
a hit song/visual titled 'Ma Lo' which received
massive downloads on platforms and airplay on all
radio/TV stations.
We are also using this medium to wish 'All Over'
crooner, Tiwa Savage @tiwasavage Happy Birthday
#wizkid #tiwasavage # malo # celebritybirthday
# shoutout # myqueen # entertainmentnews
# likeforlike # likeforfollow # NaijaCelebrity
# Nigeriamusic # nigeriansingers #musicnews
# celebritynews # celebritygossip # nigeriancelebrities
# celebritykids - #wowfactor360

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Sunday, 4 February 2018

Four ways to make money 2018(online/offline)

These are uncommon ways to make money,  actually making money or money making isn't really an easy task..
But wait!  Who told you, you can't make Money easily?  It's easy knowing the right steps to take.

I'm going to show you how to make money online / offline.. Easily, yes easily

Write for cash :

As you might imagine, being a writer is a dream job for many people.

The internet provides a lot of opportunities to be a paid writer, and a portion of those people are able to rise to prominence and make a solid living from the profession. But even if not, you can almost definitely make good side-money for being a writer.

This is related to blogging, but not strictly limited to it.

Writers can get paid for any type of writing, but sites like WritersDomain will often offer you a topic and a price and ask you to write an article with a certain word limit.

Sites like that are a good way to get started, but if you’re looking to get more serious about writing, you should pursue a more long-term situation by finding clients through a site like oDesk or eLance.

It is recommended for anyone looking to be a full-time writer to manage multiple types of writing, like writing for clients, writing for a blog, and potentially using their writing skills to pursue affiliate marketing.

Make videos :

Virtually everyone everywhere is using YouTube on a regular basis.

Especially over the last few years, being a “YouTuber” has become a legitimate profession and one that earns money far and above a regular job if you can rise to prominence.

The top 10 channels on YouTube make at least $20,000 a month, and that’s not even considering how much they are capable of making in merch sales, or under-the-table endorsement type deals.

The phenomenon of “Let’s Play,” or videos of people playing video games while talking, has become massive and there are hundreds of thousands of people trying to break through on it.

The website TwitchTV is also an example of the rising prevalence of Let’s Plays. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing video games, or music, or talking, as long as what you’re doing is interesting and people want to watch it.

Let’s be clear, though: becoming a successful YouTuber requires work, luck, and diligence, so the idea of being a full-time video maker is more of an exception than a rule. However, if you can make a few videos and get some subscribers, it can be a great secondary source of income.

You may also consider uploading to a site like Break, which offers a higher split of the advertising money (but has a much smaller audience.)

Sites to use:

Design shirts and sell

Personally, I still can’t believe how easy this option is.

There are a wealth of websites that are dedicated to t-shirt design, which is an emerging internet industry.

Here’s how it works…

First, you sign up for the site (which is always free.)

Then you can use their design interface to design a T-shirt.

It’ll have a variety of options, like choosing the cut of the shirt (crew, women’s, v-neck, etc,) choosing a font, font size, font color, shirt color.

You can usually take images from your computer and put them on the shirt, and you can usually design a front and a back for the shirt.

Different companies have different limitations for what you can and can’t do.

Either way, when you’re finished designing the shirt you’ll set a sales goal and a sales price, both of which will affect how much the company will pay you per shirt sold.

Then you go out, and advertise the shirt and try to get people to buy it. If you reach your sales goal, the shirts will be printed, distributed, and you will be paid for your work.

It costs NOTHING to design the shirts; the companies make enough money from the sales to pay you for the work and still keep a tidy profit.

The only obstacle is the actual advertising and sales.

Past that, it’s all profit for little work.

So, if you’ve got the skills to drive purchases and advertise in an unobtrusive way, you should seriously check this out.

Sites to use:


Get paid to post on forums

This one is nice and simple.

People who are starting new forums online often need a way to build the notoriety of their website, and one way of doing this is to hire people to make quality posts on their forums to draw attention to them.

A good hub for this type of work is the aptly-named paidforumposting.com, who employ a select number of writers who are contracted out to websites to do the posting.

It is definitely a sort of side-income, but multiple types of side-income add up to primary income, so it’s still worth looking into.

Sites to use:


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Friday, 2 February 2018

Photos : Mallam turns student to a goat.

Facebook user, Frankie jay alozie who had wanted to become an atheist says he witnessed a mallam who kidnapped a boy and turned him to a goat....

“I really dont know what to think again.
When i want to join the Atheists band, i witness
something supernatural.
3 days ago, On a street close to where i usually
hang out on less busy evenings, a goat wearing a
schoolbag - yes! you heard me right - A goat
putting on a school bag kept trudging behind this
mallam sullenly, every turn the mallam took, the
goat obediently followed, quietly, morosely.
This struck people as weird, because from a
woman's view point, goats were very stubborn and
seldom followed anybody, not even their owners,
everyone became perplexed and began studying the
mallam and the goat, the man just kept moving,
pretending to be oblivious of the animal while the
animal followed dutifully behind.
All this while with the curious schoolbag.
Eventually, some onlookers intercepted the Hausa
man and demanded to know why the goat was
following him, when the man denied knowledge,
they began to apply pressure. From pressure, they
actually began to lynch him till out of fear, he
spewed out a barrage of very weird confessions.
The goat was a school kid aged about 7, just
returning from school (that explains his back pack)
and as his ill luck will have it, he bumped into the
sinister mallam who offered him a little money, and
this was where he took the form of the confused
The confession riled people and they began beating
the man, the next thing was to return the goat to its
original form, which he did and the boy was rushed
to the hospital and then, a church.
I do not know what became of the Hausa man.
This is a true life story, happened 3 days ago.
what about the dude that eats excreta everyday to
prevent his mother's spirit from troubling him (He
used her for rituals in the infamous yahoo-plus)
Atheists, arguing on facebook and denying the
supernatural sure may get you some popularity and
facebook fame, but deep inside you know you are
just being silly, some of you may have even
witnessed more dreary stuffs but your facebook
popularity means a lot to you..
so you just have to keep lying toy yourself.
The supernatural doesnt exist right? I know two
villages in my state where people invoke spirits of
the dead - Oga, you will see your dead uncle life,
standing infront of you, all the spiritualists asks is
for you to show no fear.
Even in some villages in Indonesia, when someone
dies, they wake up the dead body and the body
carried its own mat and walks all the way to its
grave site for burial.
Facebook is all fun until reality hits us hard.”

See photos :