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Wowfactor360: Bukky Wright Allegedly Married 5 Husbands Without Divorce…Why She Gave Up On Marriage

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Bukky Wright Allegedly Married 5 Husbands Without Divorce…Why She Gave Up On Marriage

Care to know why Bukky Wright finally gave up on marriage? Please read on..

The frontline Yoruba actress cum producer year ago was accused of bigamy

For those who do not know, let us inform you for free that Bukky recently ended union with US big boy Adewale Onitiri may not be officially over as the actress in her usual waka commot style ended the marriage without divorce.

Ordinarily, it would have been seen as a joyous thing with congratulatory messages flying in from different angles. But not so with the talented thespian whose secret wedding at a New Jersey,USA,registry drew flakes amongst her friends and foes alike.

Very close friends of the star actress are telling anyone that cares to know that the reason she contracted the now crashed marriage with Adewale Onitiri in secret because she wanted to hide her many sins of multiple bigamy.

Investigations have revealed that Bukky Wright is not only guilty of bigamy but that of deceit, infidelity, fetishism, greed, avarice and a lack of the rules governing marriage.

Tale bearers who should know said that Bukky is married to four other men aside her last husband.

We gathered that her first was to one Gboyega Amu with whom she had two children. Shortly after separating from Amu due to what she termed irreconcilable differences, she moved into the arms of fellow actor and one time NNPC top shot and current member of the House of Representatives, Rotimi Makinde without officially divorcing Gboyega Amu.

Gboyega Amu

Rotimi Makinde

The union lasted a few years before she moved on in the same fashion and found solace in the arms of society journalist and image maker, Femi Davies.

Femi Davies

Bukky and Femi got married at the Akodo Registry in Lagos without still dissolving her early marriages. Her nuptials with Femi Davies followed the same pattern. Did not last up to a year before she also walked away without going to the courts to seek for a divorce, making her the wife of three men.

Not done with the three and the numerous flings, she later got hitched with renowned music promoter, Bolaji Saheed a.k.a Basia who was then based in Canada. Within a short time, and true to type ,they got married in a hush-hush Islamic Nikkai.

Bolaji Basia

According to news flying about then, she wanted to use Basia as a ticket to her permanent stay in Canada but the man got wise quicker than she expected. Soon enough, following her normal pattern,t he marriage crumbled owing to allegations of infidelity,lesbianism and fetish practices.

As also was the norm, Bukky did not seek dissolution in a law court, meaning that the marriage is still standing.

Wale Onitiri

Now with her last marriage to Adewale Onitiri, tongues are wagging that Bukky is a bigamist who should have served jail terms if she were to be in a western country.

Bigamy is a crime in most Western countries, and when it occurs in this context often neither the first nor second spouse is aware of the other.

Meanwhile, the actress who has constantly come under radar has finally gives up on marriage after keeping her life out of the public.

As at 3 years ago, the actress was accused of being a lesbian, an allegation she later denied.

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