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Wowfactor360: Photos : Mallam turns student to a goat.

Friday, 2 February 2018

Photos : Mallam turns student to a goat.

Facebook user, Frankie jay alozie who had wanted to become an atheist says he witnessed a mallam who kidnapped a boy and turned him to a goat....

“I really dont know what to think again.
When i want to join the Atheists band, i witness
something supernatural.
3 days ago, On a street close to where i usually
hang out on less busy evenings, a goat wearing a
schoolbag - yes! you heard me right - A goat
putting on a school bag kept trudging behind this
mallam sullenly, every turn the mallam took, the
goat obediently followed, quietly, morosely.
This struck people as weird, because from a
woman's view point, goats were very stubborn and
seldom followed anybody, not even their owners,
everyone became perplexed and began studying the
mallam and the goat, the man just kept moving,
pretending to be oblivious of the animal while the
animal followed dutifully behind.
All this while with the curious schoolbag.
Eventually, some onlookers intercepted the Hausa
man and demanded to know why the goat was
following him, when the man denied knowledge,
they began to apply pressure. From pressure, they
actually began to lynch him till out of fear, he
spewed out a barrage of very weird confessions.
The goat was a school kid aged about 7, just
returning from school (that explains his back pack)
and as his ill luck will have it, he bumped into the
sinister mallam who offered him a little money, and
this was where he took the form of the confused
The confession riled people and they began beating
the man, the next thing was to return the goat to its
original form, which he did and the boy was rushed
to the hospital and then, a church.
I do not know what became of the Hausa man.
This is a true life story, happened 3 days ago.
what about the dude that eats excreta everyday to
prevent his mother's spirit from troubling him (He
used her for rituals in the infamous yahoo-plus)
Atheists, arguing on facebook and denying the
supernatural sure may get you some popularity and
facebook fame, but deep inside you know you are
just being silly, some of you may have even
witnessed more dreary stuffs but your facebook
popularity means a lot to you..
so you just have to keep lying toy yourself.
The supernatural doesnt exist right? I know two
villages in my state where people invoke spirits of
the dead - Oga, you will see your dead uncle life,
standing infront of you, all the spiritualists asks is
for you to show no fear.
Even in some villages in Indonesia, when someone
dies, they wake up the dead body and the body
carried its own mat and walks all the way to its
grave site for burial.
Facebook is all fun until reality hits us hard.”

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