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Wowfactor360: Fun places to visit in Abuja

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Fun places to visit in Abuja

Tourists who come to Nigeria and local citizens who do not live in Abuja have to visit this amazing place. Firstly, it is the capital of the country since 1991. Secondly, this city has many interesting parks for families with children, famous monoliths Aso Rock and Zuma Rock that make it a remarkable Nigerian territory, fun places to enjoy, and great nightclubs to entertain and relax. What are the most wonderful places to visit in Abuja in 2018? Just click to find out more about them.

Abuja lies within the Nigerian Federal Capital Territory, so it is unique in many ways offering gorgeous and alluring places of interest to young and aged people, kids and adults, locals and tourists.

Family places to hangout in Abuja

The capital of Nigeria has many incredible family attractions that include parks, zoo, entertainment for children and adults etc.

Millennium Park Abuja – this is a beautiful city park with a romantic spirit and gorgeous views. You can enjoy a slow walk with your family, organize a picnic with your children or second half and take many gorgeous photos. You can dive into the amazing atmosphere, watch the beauty of nature, and pay nothing for these incredible views.The Trukadero Place – this is a nice entertainment for children, students, and adults where you can play bowling and have so much fun. It is also an amusement park for families, tourists and singles, place to play billiard or have a lunch or dinner.The Secret Garden – this place is a real heaven for families, friends, and tourists. You can listen to music here, sing karaoke songs, let your children get to the playground built specifically for them and enjoy the most delicious pizza in Nigeria.

Magicland Abuja – kids will love to attend this amusement park that was used to be called Wonderland. There are many fun rides here for children and adults, beautiful views, spots for picnics etc.Abuja Zoo – this is a big territory where kids and their families can spend the whole day. You can enjoy some interesting activities with your little ones in the National Children’s Park and Zoo, see some amazing animals and have much fun.IBB Golf Course – this is a nice place to play golf. Those who love this game will find local drinks affordable, lovely terrace, and opportunities to enjoy both golf and tennis.

Thought Pyramid Art Centre – fans of African art should visit this gallery. You will see so many incredible contemporary pieces of art that represent the country and its culture that it is worth spending a couple of hours to enjoy these moments.Blake Resort – this is a fun place to visit with your family and friends. You can enjoy a picnic here, relax, spend time outdoors and take numerous pictures of your relaxation.Jabi Lake Mall – this is a wonderful relaxation place for families with kids. You can spend a day near the lake, go for a canoe ride, choose a short family cruise on a boat or even ride a horse.Gurara Falls – the spectacular waterfalls are close to Abuja so you can visit this place at Suleja, have a picnic, take memorable pictures, and even swim in the small pond right under the waterfalls. Isn’t it incredible?

Abuja at Night

Tourists and Nigerians who love the nightlife can visit a big number of Abuja’s nightclubs and restaurants. We would like to list a selection of some of the most notorious places you would fall in love with.

Cubana Lounge – a nice club for fans of night lifestyle. You can dance here along with other visitors, spend unforgettable hours with your friends and enjoy the private jet that is located inside.

Bluecabana Lounge – this restaurant can be a wonderful place not only to have dinner or lunch but also enjoy night events. You would love the food here. It can be a café to have a family celebration, fun time at the swimming pool, spa relaxation etc.The Bank – a luxurious nightclub where you can meet local celebrities and famous people. You can enjoy a combination of musical performances, fashion shows, and art here. You can dance all night long and have an incredible time here.SkyBar Rooftop Lounge – this is an impressive place to hang out in the darkness and under the sun. The views are astonishing. You can have a drink, eat something, and relax by observing Abuja from above.

Shopping places in Abuja

Who doesn’t like to shop for souvenirs and gifts when visiting the capital of Nigeria? Abuja has many shopping places, malls and markets you can visit.

Grand Square Supermarket – this place offers many nice moments to kids and adults because here you can enjoy delicious ice cream, taste incredible French bread, eat tasty cheese, and find a big selection of meat.Dunes – this is a huge supermarket with many different shops, boutiques, restaurant, and delicious pastry place. You can find antique gifts, modern souvenirs here, and spend incredible time shopping.

Arts and Crafts Village – tourists and even local citizens are advised to visit this amazing place in Abuja. This village has many shops where you can shop for local symbols, art, crafts, get acquainted with African culture, and find some interesting accessories to remind you of Nigeria, including traditional jewelry, pottery, fabric and so on.

We are sure you would love visiting the most impressive and fun places in Abuja. We did our best to select the ones that are unique, cool, luxurious or unforgettable but you can also go to the cinemas, local cafes, visit the city gates etc. Have fun in Abuja!

Source: Naija.ng

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