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Wowfactor360: Samsung : resurrection mp3 download

Monday, 5 March 2018

Samsung : resurrection mp3 download

Lyrics for Resurrection by Samsong

he was in agony when he prayed in
for the price he was to pay
seems too much for him
he contemplated the price to be paid for
and even the Almighty turned his back at him
they used to love to stay with the master
but they come see him in disaster
they also cried hosanna hosanna
say must we let it lead to the gutter
Judas was too quick to betray him
Peter couldn't wait to deny him
the world aligned, we reject him
tell me what you want to do him
but why didn't the Jews know he's the king
of kings
when even the stars & the kings know he's
the king if kings
the sun & the moon, his authority
because he told them once
and they be standing still
they hung him high
stretched him wide
he hang his head
and then he died
but that's not how
the story ends
on the third day, he rose again
“He was in agony when he prayed in
gesthemane— Samsong
Jesus Christ the son of God
oh yes oh yes
hallelujah, he arose
oh yes oh yes
hallelujah he arose, the prince of peace arose
hallelujah he arose
oh yes oh yes

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