Top Countries With High Google Adsense CPC In 2018 : countries with the highest cpc

Top Countries With High Google Adsense CPC In 2018
When it comes to earning from your blog, Google AdSense is considered as one of the best advertising network a blogger would love to partner with. From personal experience, they’ve been great but I’d also tell you that it is not easy earning high from AdSense which involves having high AdSense CPC.

Earning a huge amount of income from AdSense not only depends on your traffic but also depends on your niche and country from which your visitors get to click from. As a blogger, imagine getting AdSense clicks from countries like United States, UK or Canada, these countries are known to have very high CPC compared to Asian countries or African countries. For this reason, you get to earn more when a Canadian, UK or Australian visitor gets to click on your Google AdSense ads.
Through this post, I’d be giving you guys a list of 2018 top 10 Countries with the highest CPC on Google Adsense (Cost Per Click) and if you get to target these countries and get clicks from them, you’d see a huge improvement in your AdSense earnings.
Getting traffic from this countries might not be an easy task, but since you’ve known that they have very high AdSense CPC, you can try your best to target these countries by writing on articles that are needed by visitors from these countries.
Top Countries With High Google Adsense CPC In 2018
Top 10 Countries With Highest Adsense CPC:
1. Australia
2. United States
3. Canada
4. UK
5. Norway
6. New Zealand
7. Germany
8. Netherlands
9. Guyana
10. Sweden
NOTE: Another factor that determines cost per click is the
Advertisers . You might get clicks from high CPC paying countries but what you might get may be low, this is because some advertisers may
decide to pay higher for their ads while other advertisers may decide to pay very little for their ads
Source : Kokowap
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