How To Save WhatsApp Statuses To Gallery Without Third-Party Apps

Sometimes you come across a friend’s cool status and you have no option than to screenshot. If it is a video, you reply him/her to asking for the video to be sent to you. It’s either you are left hanging on ‘blue ticks’ or they reply, “add bundle!” Annoying, isn’t it?

Image: whatsapp memes

But did you know you could skip all these hassles by simply saving those cool pictures and videos without bothering your friends? Just follow these steps.

1. Open file manager/my files

2. Go to menu and select “show hidden files.”

3. Open Whatsapp folder (mostly stored in the internal memory.)

4. Open Media folder.

5. Locate a folder named ‘.Statuses‘ and you’ll have all the statuses you viewed within 24hrs in it.

The pictures you see there will erase themselves after 24hrs. To save them, select the pics you’d like to save and move them to another folder of your choice.

This process works better on Android devices.

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Isaac Somto
Isaac Somto

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