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Wowfactor360: Tragic : Man shot dead because of #50 by sars

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Tragic : Man shot dead because of #50 by sars

A man named Nwola Chukwuka who belongs to the motorcycle transport union of Nigeria has been shot dead by the Federal sars men, wowfactor360 got this news from a very reliable source,  the source said “At about 9pm yesterday...a SARS official asked a motorist for 50 naira..he refused..so as they where arguing he shot him and ran”
Wowfactor360 found out the incidence happened  along water works road that leads to Ebonyi State University, CAS Campus 

Another wwitness to the incident disclosed to ebsucommunity.com that the okada man who is at his 20s was carrying a female passenger when he was flagged down by the police man.

“When they stopped him, they demanded for their usual N50 but he gave them N20 and wanted to drive off when one of them opened fire on him. The bullet shattered his head and he died instantly,” said the witness. Hence, there was no information on whether the female passenger was also hit by the bullet

Another source said, " He just dropped his friennd and coming back, the police man stopped him and demaded N50 from him but he refused, on trying to escape, the police man cocked and shoot the man on his forehead, close to the eyes" he said.
The incident has caused an uproar this morning along the road as residents came out in mass to the scene attempting to mob any police man at sight.

But a new detachment of police officers arrived immediately to restore peace and tranquility at the scene.

Cases of sars killing innocent youths over small trivial issues, but killing a man for just a bribe of #50 is so uncalled for.

See pictures of the dead body laying lifeless :

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