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Wowfactor360: I have a problem with men holding the door for women - Chimamanda Adichie reveals

Friday, 8 June 2018

I have a problem with men holding the door for women - Chimamanda Adichie reveals

- Nigerian author, Chimamanda Adichie is back in the news and still for matters bothering on feminism

- While on an American TV show, she spoke about chivalry and how women are treated in crises situation

- The video surfaced on the internet and has since gone viral

If there is one person who remains bold and expressive about her feminist views, that would be the celebrated Nigerian author, Chimamanda Adichie. She was recently invited to speak on Trevor Noah’s show and blew minds as usual.

She touched on the issue of chivalry and the flaws in it. Using the example of opening doors, she stated that it shouldn’t be gender-based and women should also open the door for men.

She also spoke about how things are handled in crisis situations where women and children are usually giving preference to men. According to her, there are some women who are stronger than men and thus, priority should be placed on the weak and young not based on gender.

She had this to say,"I thing gestures like holding the door shouldn’t be gender-based. I think it’s a lovely thing to hold the door but we should hold the door for everyone.Like, I hold the door for men and for women. And so I think the idea of someone holding the door for a woman because she’s a woman… I have trouble with it.

I’m quite happy for people to hold the door for me. But I’m like, hope they’re not doing it because of this sort of idea of chivalry. Because chivalry is really about the idea that women are somehow weak and need protecting. But we know that really, there are many women who are stronger than men.Speaking of women being thought of as weak and given preferential treatment in crisis situations, the writer said:

So really, what I think is that the people we should protect are people who need protecting, whether men or women. Which is also why I sort of have trouble with the idea of women and children. When women are classified in the same… I mean, when there’s a tragedy and we say, women and children should leave first. I think, actually, it’s the people who are weak, unwell, young… who should leave first."



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