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Wowfactor360: Things a man wouldn't do to you if he loves you.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Things a man wouldn't do to you if he loves you.

How do you know for sure that he is really in love with you? Falling in love is a beautiful feeling and it’s even more wonderful when the other person feels the same way about you. It would seem like you’re literally flying without wings!

However, it’s natural in the early stages for you to wonder if your man is genuinely in love with you or if you’re misinterpreting his body language. Well, say no more! Let’s help you gain some clarity with these tips on what he will NOT do if he is really in love with you.


3 things your man won’t do if he’s in love with you

1. Not make you a priority

Making you a priority doesn’t mean that he chooses you over his job or family, but rather that he takes you into consideration when making decisions about these other obligations. Does the man in your life make you a priority in his? Does he consider your feelings and needs first, before his other obligations? If he does, hold on tight. He is definitely a keeper.


2. Not reply your texts or phone calls

A man who is genuinely falling in love with you would never consider not returning your phone calls or texts messages, not even if his favourite team are playing the UEFA finals (if he’s a football lover). A man who is in love with you wants to stay in touch with you as much as he possibly can. A man in love keeps his phone close and on vibrate when the music is loud so that he can answer your call or text you back. If the man in your life always has excuses for not keeping in touch, pay attention. His excuses may be telling you he really isn’t that into you.


3. Criticise you

Is your man always critical of the way you dress, the friends you hang out with, and the kind of job you do? Does he complain about the way you cook or clean the house? If he is really in love with you, he sincerely believes in you, even with your imperfections. The thought of being even remotely critical of you would never even occur to him. Also, he would jump to your defense if anyone else dares to suggest you are not. A man who criticizes you often doesn’t love you, he wants to control you.



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