my mother slapped my wife right after she gave birth, accused her of cheating because the twins didn't look like me. - Nigerian man

The pregnancy wasn’t easy; my wife went through such severe morning sickness that we weren’t sure she’d be able to continue the pregnancy. She’s a trooper though and got through it. After 20 hours of labour and an emergency C section, she gave birth to a healthy boy and girl.

Until this point, my mom had been entirely supportive of the pregnancy and excited for the birth but her demeanour changed entirely when she saw our babies, Says the baby didn’t look me or my wife.

My mom decided that these couldn’t be my children and my wife must have cheated. She walked up to my wife and slapped her right across the face in front of me, my in-laws, and a nurse.

Everything descended into chaos, my wife, who had gone through a terrible pregnancy and birth had to experience this immediately after birth, It was horrendously traumatic for her.

My in-laws quickly tell the doctor to carry a DNA test immediately, after the result comes out, am the father of the twins baby.

Since then, have not allowed my mother to come around to see my kids have told her to forget me as a son. I Don’t want to see her again.

Few months after, my wife keeps begging to forgive her but have a vow that nothing will ever happen between me and my mother again. Did I do something wrong?

Isaac Somto
Isaac Somto

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